Update 4/15/2015:
So far the incubation is going well, been working on the OILexer project for a majority of this time, working on versioned runtime environments to enable a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the .NET CLR. The goal once this is done is to make the metadata about the .NET runtime itself iterable, such as what libraries are in a given version of the CLR, being able to take a reference to a CLR type and step it back/forward one or more version(s), and so on. This will be handy for people doing code generation since you can do a typeof(...) and then tell it to target the runtime of interest.

Update 5/6/2013:
This project is going to be incubated on VisualStudio.com's Team Foundation Service due to the speed of the service trumping CodePlex.

Once a viable release is determined, source tree will be merged accordingly.

Project Description
The Abstraction Project, Written in C#, is focused towards helping language enthusiasts write a compiler on top of the .NET Common Language Infrastructure.

Working on the compiler logic. The .pfx files (encrypted security identity files) associated to the projects have been omitted. The present goal of this project is to help others learn, until the project can build a fully functional compiler, this probably will not change.

The primary focus of the Abstraction project is to greatly simplify construction of code in a high-level object model that more closely represents code in how you would write it, versus the lower-level IL representations supported by Reflection.Emit. Please visit the examples page for more information.

The present focus of the current license should be more appropriately: I release, you read. Since there's no point in worrying about a proper build until it can build something itself.

This is the kid sister project to OILexer. It will eventually replace OILexer with the T*y++ language (aka Toy++), which will later become goal oriented towards building languages in a C# styled syntax with language building elements mixed in. Whether I can pull this off, is another question.

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